At Edge Analytics we seek to provide the most robust analytical solutions to meet a diverse range of client requirements, combining our demographic analysis services with data resources and forecasting technologies, we are able to better inform business planning and decision-making. Find out more about our products and services below, or alternatively contact us.

Demographic Forecasting

Edge Analytics provides demographic statistics, forecastas and analytics to support service planning activities, with a focus on robust & transparent methodologies, high quality analysis & reporting.

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Schools Forecasting

Understanding the current and future composition of the school-age population is essential for schools planning and for supporting the effective delivery of education services.

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Local Plan Data

Consilium is our Local Plan database, providing a comprehensive and consistent approach to the collection, management and presentation of Local Plan housing data.

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Resource Optimisation

Optimisation is a flexible and powerful tool for solving practical problems relating to service utilisation and resource planning.

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Area Optimisation

Edge Analytics’ Quest software provides a powerful suite of models for managing the size, shape and number of a specific set of geographical areas.

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Data Science

Our team of analytical experts, our Demographic Data Resources, and our portfolio of analytical and forecasting models provide the basis of our unique consultancy offer.

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