Local Plan Data

Housing Growth Evidence and the Local Plan

Local Plan data is used to identify how land will be used and what will be built where.

Understanding when and where housing growth will occur, at both macro- and micro-level is vital for service, resource and infrastructure planning.

Obtaining this information is often challenging, due to the complexities surrounding the Local Plan process. The timescales involved, the availability, accessibility and consistency of data, the changing nature of the underpinning evidence base, and changes to Government Planning Policy.

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What is Consilium?

Consilium is Edge Analytics’ Local Plan Database, providing a comprehensive and consistent approach to the collection, management and presentation of Local Plan housing data.

Updated on a quarterly basis, Consilium covers all local planning authorities, including:

  • Local Authorities
  • National Parks
  • Strategic and Joint Planning Areas.

For each planning authority, a range of data and associated documentation has been collated from published sources, providing detail on:

  • The Local Plan status and timetable
  • Past housing completions
  • Housing requirements/needs and targets
  • Land Supply/Availability (including 5-year Supply)
  • Trajectories/planned delivery
  • MHCLG data: Completions and Housing Delivery Test
  • Geocoded housing site data and GIS files (i.e. micro-level data).

What can Consilium data be used for?

With Consilium, we can bring order to Local Plan data, providing the housing growth evidence required for robust planning across a range of sectors. Geographical comparisons across a range of scales can be made, areas can be benchmarked and performance against plans measured.

Housing growth data can be used to inform population forecasts linked to housing growth. In fact, these forecasts are vital for evaluating the population and household growth impacts of planned housing delivery, at both a macro- and micro-level.

Housing growth evidence can also inform pupil yield analysis, and provide robust estimates on the number of pupils resulting from new housing developments.


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