Data Science

Our team of analytical experts, our Demographic Data Resources, and our portfolio of analytical and forecasting models provide the basis of our unique consultancy offer. That’s why data science technologies are on hand to help businesses make the most of the resources they have to hand.

However, a standardised approach may not provide the answer to your particular issue. We consider individual requirements and ensure the most appropriate approach to meeting your project requirements. That is why we will develop a data model unique to your business based on our knowledge of data technologies. Based on this model, you will then be able to make decisions that will carry your business forward so you can gain customers or better utilise the resources that are available to you.

Whilst carrying out recent data science assignments have considered a range of challenging projects:

  • How do we target greater customer retention in our gyms?
  • Drawing up the profile and distribution of our most vulnerable customers
  • What has been the population yield profile from recent new homes?
  • Working out the size of the transient population in the private rented sector
  • What is the economic multiplier effect of regional infrastructure investment?
  • What is the likely growth in household indebtedness in the water industry over the next five years

Data Science Technologies

In all cases, we use data science technologies to collate data from disparate sources. It provides us with the basis for quantitative analysis, forecasting and robust project conclusions and recommendations. Therefore, enabling businesses to optimise their resources based on data science.