Data Resources

Demographic Data

Our Demographic Data resource provides the basis for your localised analysis, profiling your area of interest and setting the context for forecast development.

For administrative, postal and bespoke geographies at all spatial scales, the Demographic Data resource draws statistics from multiple sources on:

  • Population
  • Births & Deaths
  • Fertility & Mortality
  • Domestic Migration
  • International Migration
  • Households
  • Dwellings
  • Labour Force

Data Modules

Our Data Modules enable a fast-track approach for forecasting using POPGROUP [link to POPGROUP page] technology, aligning directly with Official Statistics and providing the basis for local area scenario development. Data Modules are available for all UK local authorities and include:

  • Population estimates: 2001 onwards
  • Population projections: 2008-based onwards
  • Household projections: 2008-based onwards
  • Labour Force projections

Local Housing Plans

Our Consilium database contains a unique repository of Local Plan evidence for all local authorities, providing a history of Plan development from published sources, with accompanying statistics on the scale, distribution and phasing of housing. Evidence is drawn from:

  • Local Plan documentation
  • Annual Monitoring Reports
  • Housing Market Assessments
  • Housing Land Supply Assessments
  • 5-year Housing Land Supply

Demographic Forecasts

Our demographic forecasts can be provided for any scale of geographical area (micro to macro), for any type of geography (administrative, postal or bespoke), and for any forecast horizon (short, medium and long-term). Our suite of forecasts can include:

  • Official Projections
  • Migration Variants
  • Housing-led Forecasts
  • Employment-led Forecasts