Area Data Optimisation

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Edge Analytics’ Quest software provides a powerful suite of models for managing the size, shape and number of a specific set of geographical areas. These areas could be sales territories, catchment areas or electoral wards, for example, each of which may operate with certain constraints on the average number of suppliers, customers or electors. All this data would then help you draw up an area optimisation plan.

The Quest software can be combined with Edge Analytics’ demographic forecasting models to draw up an area optimisation plan based upon both current and future population size. Quest provides a scenario capability for evaluating how a network of geographical areas might be configured to equalise area size within a pre-defined set of tolerance limits.

The review of electoral boundaries is a key application of the Quest approach. Recent and planned housing growth results in differential growth of populations, changing the balance between the size of electoral geographies. Forecasting the size of the electorate based upon future housing growth provides the basis for reconfiguring electoral geographies to equalise the size of areas, taking account of rural and urban differences.

The Quest technology operates most effectively with GIS software, enabling the visual analysis and manipulation of boundaries and territories to meet specific user requirements and tolerance limits. Therefore allowing for better area optimisation.