About Us

"Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you need to do is live long enough." Groucho Marx.

At Edge Analytics, we specialise in demographic data analysis, with a unique blend of expertise in geography, data science and forecasting methods.

Our range of analytical methods and forecasting software supports strategic and operational planning, policy development and service provision in private and public-sector organisations, both in the UK and internationally.

Following 20 years in the field of retail, credit and marketing analytics, Dr Peter Boden and Richard Culf created Edge Analytics, to fulfil the critical need for robust demographic intelligence in the face of unprecedented population change in the UK. The Edge Analytics team consists of analytical specialists with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in human and physical geography. The versatility of our team, therefore, allows us to carry out our very own blend of demographic data analysis.

We are committed to the research, development and application of innovative data science methods, which combine data, technology and analytical models to aid decision making. As a business, we seek to deliver these methods in the most effective and accessible manner, whilst demonstrating our genuine enthusiasm for our chosen field of expertise.

We are based at Nexus (www.nexusleeds.co.uk), the brand new hub for the innovation community in Leeds, located on campus at the University of Leeds. A short walk from Leeds city centre, Nexus is a state-of-the-art facility bringing together businesses, entrepreneurs and world-leading researches, with the shared goal of driving innovation.

Meet The Team

Dr Boden

Dr Peter Boden

Peter Boden is the founder of Edge Analytics and is a specialist in population analysis, particularly the impact of internal and international migration upon demographic change in local areas.

Peter studied geography at the University of Leeds, where his specialism in quantitative methods led to PhD study, supported by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). His research investigated the influence of migration upon sub-national population projections. He has continued to publish research in collaboration with colleagues at the Centre for Spatial Analysis and Policy at the University of Leeds.

In his current role as Principal Consultant at Edge Analytics, Peter continues to work with a wide range of public and private sector organisations in the UK, providing specialist services in demographic analytics, estimation and forecasting.

Originally from Bournville in Birmingham, Peter is a former Operations Director of the university spin-out, GMAP Ltd, specialising in the delivery of geographical modelling solutions to support retail planning, both in the UK and internationally. He was also Director at the Callcredit Information Group, providing credit and marketing analytics to the UK financial services and retail sectors. Peter studied for his MBA at the University of Bradford.

Peter is a strong advocate for female participation in sport, and has gained his FA coaching badges, whilst also training grass-roots football teams in Leeds. He has complemented his commercial activities as Chair of Governors at his local Primary School, and as a Governor at one of Leeds’ top Academy schools.


Richard Culf

Richard Culf

Richard is Technical Consultant at Edge Analytics. He is an expert in the design, implementation and commercial deployment of complex spatial modelling techniques. Graduating in 1989 with a first-class degree in Quantitative Geography from the University of Leeds, Richard has over 30 years’ experience in the development of mathematical and statistical models to support planning and policy development, both in the UK and internationally.

Using a combination of software and database expertise, Richard’s portfolio of spatial modelling technologies includes demographic forecasting methods, pupil projection models, real-time optimisation heuristics and spatial interaction models.  He has also been responsible for developing a number of data intelligence products and segmentation systems at the level of postcode, household and the individual.  He is the originator of Edge Analytics’ edge-ucate pupil projection model and also its innovative VICUS macro to micro demographic forecasting technology.    

Prior to Edge Analytics, Richard held key R&D roles at university spin-out company GMAP Ltd, and more recently at a large information services business serving retail, financial services, automotive and utility clients. During his career, Richard has been responsible for training and mentoring a large number of specialists, who can now be found applying their expertise throughout the UK analytics industry.


Andrew Fowler

Andrew Fowler

Andrew is Business Development Director at Edge Analytics. He has a Master’s degree in GIS for Business and Service Planning from the University of Leeds.

At Edge Analytics, Andrew has responsibility for all business development and customer support activities, for our partners, our public sector clients and our commercial customers.

Andrew has a long history in the data and analytics industry, having worked for EuroDirect, Callcredit and GMAP Ltd in the consumer intelligence business. Andrew’s client experience with these specialist businesses encompassed a wide range of public and private sector organisations, including the Post Office, Royal Mail, NS&I, Scottish Power, Eon, and Scottish & Southern Energy As Director of GMAP Ltd, Andrew had development responsibility for its analytical products and services, supporting business processes and organisational planning for retail and distribution companies.

Andrew is a keen golfer, loves to travel and enjoys good food.


Martyna Jasinka

Martyna Jasińska

As Operations Director, Martyna is responsible for the management of Finance, Administration, Human Resources and IT, ensuring effective running of the business. Martyna is also Edge Analytics’ designated Data Privacy Manager, with responsibility for ensuring compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Martyna has extensive experience of the development and delivery of demographic products and services to a wide range of public and private sector organisations, including managing the development of our projects in the Utilities sector. Martyna also coordinates the provision of support to all POPGROUP users, both in the UK and internationally and, most recently, has overseen the development of our VICUS forecasting technology.

Martyna joined Edge Analytics in 2011 whilst completing her degree in Human Geography at the University of Leeds. Martyna has previously worked as a Research Assistant to Professor Phil Rees at the School of Geography in Leeds.

Martyna is originally from the village of Pluski in the Warmia & Masuria region of Poland, its ‘land of a thousand lakes’. In her spare time, she is a keen cyclist, walker and fundraiser.


Kate Staines

Dr Kate Staines

As Product and Marketing Director at Edge Analytics, Kate ensures the effective organisation, management and marketing of Edge Analytics’ suite of products and services.

Since joining Edge Analytics in 2012, Kate has been responsible for the delivery of a wide range of projects to local government, the water industry and energy companies. Combining her expert knowledge of national planning policy guidelines with her demographic expertise, Kate has overseen the development of Edge Analytics’ Consilium database. This provides macro- and micro-level housing growth evidence for planning areas across the UK, feeding directly into our VICUS forecasting software.

Kate studied for her BSc and MSc in physical geography at Durham University and joined Edge Analytics following completion of her PhD at the University of Leeds. Her research involved the use of hi-tech flood modelling and remote-sensing image analysis to measure rates of landscape change at a glacier in Southern Iceland.


Rebecca Hughes

Dr Rebecca Hughes

As Project Delivery Director at Edge Analytics, Rebecca is responsible for project coordination, working closely with the team to ensure the timely and efficient delivery of all projects. Rebecca is also responsible for Edge Analytics’ edge-ucate suite of projects, including mainstream school forecasting, special educational needs and disability (SEND) forecasting, and pupil housing yield analytics. Rebecca has worked extensively with education-sector clients across the UK, delivering these bespoke edge-ucate products and services. She has also been responsible for the development of Edge Analytics’ ‘hidden and transient’ model, quantifying populations excluded from published ONS statistics.

Rebecca joined Edge Analytics in December 2012 after completing her PhD at the School of Geography, University of Leeds. Her research involved the development of a bespoke ‘local food miles calculator’, which assessed the carbon emissions associated with transporting locally sourced products to supermarket shelves. Rebecca has expertise in spatial analysis, retail geography and geodemographics, having also completed an MSc in GIS for Business and Service Planning at the University of Leeds.


kelly eagle

Kelly Eagle

Kelly joined Edge Analytics as a Project Analyst in May 2019, whilst completing her Masters in Security, Conflict and Justice at the University of Leeds.

At Edge Analytics, Kelly is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Consilium database, collating evidence from UK local authorities, managing the processing and quality of Local Plan housing evidence for macro and micro geographies, and delivering the Consilium product through quarterly updates.

Kelly has previously worked as a postgraduate Research Assistant at the School of Law at the University of Leeds, researching the opportunity for charitable giving to support the upkeep of the city’s green spaces. Kelly gained her undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a research thesis focused on demographic factors associated with an individual’s belief and understanding of climate change in the US. 

Originally from Alaska, Kelly now lives in Settle, North Yorkshire. She has a love of the outdoors and whilst in Alaska she worked as a Backcountry Ranger in the beautiful Glacier Bay, as a Kayak Expedition Guide leading tours throughout South East Alaska and as a Deckhand with Sea Wolf Expeditions, engaging passengers with her knowledge of local history, flora and fauna.


Lauren Batchelor

Lauren Batchelor

Lauren first joined Edge Analytics for a year-in-industry placement in July 2016, introducing her to Edge Analytics’ suite of analytical methods and software. Lauren’s project responsibilities included a year-long trial of domestic water efficiency devices in collaboration with Yorkshire Water.

Lauren has previously worked in the retail sector for both Boots and Lakeland Ltd. She re-joined Edge Analytics in July 2018, following completion of her first-class degree in Human Geography at the University of Leeds. During her degree, Lauren specialized in service analysis and planning.

At Edge Analytics, Lauren applies her geographical expertise in the delivery of demographic products and services to support planners in both public and private sector. Her primary focus is the development and delivery of edge-ucate projects to our education-sector clients.

Originally from Cambridgeshire, Lauren is a keen runner and cyclist. Most recently she completed the 700-mile Leeds to Prague cycle, raising money for Candlelighters, supporting children with cancer and their families.


Grace Boden

Grace Boden

Grace joined Edge Analytics as a Project Analyst in July 2019, having achieved a First Class Masters in Environmental Science from the University of East Anglia.  During her degree, Grace specialised in ecology, biodiversity and conservation.  Her research projects included an investigation of water quality using macro-invertebrate sampling, and the cultural valuation of the iconic Norfolk drainage mills.  Expertise in the use of statistical methods include Arc-GIS, SPSS and R programming.

Grace has previously worked as an RSPB Schools Outreach volunteer, connecting schoolchildren with birdlife and the natural environment.  She also volunteered with an Operation Wallacea research team in the unique region of Transylvania in Romania, using ecological survey techniques to record and analyse bird, plant and animal distributions.

At Edge Analytics, Grace applies her analytical expertise to the development and delivery of products and services to support planning and decision-making in education, housing and water resource planning.

Originally from Leeds, Grace has played women’s football since the age of 7 and represented UEA in the inter-university BUCS league whilst completing her Masters. She has a passion for music, particularly singing and is a keen cyclist, completing the Coast-to-Coast, Hull-to-Norwich and Newcastle to Edinburgh long-distance routes to raise money for her research travels.


Emily Beaty

Emily joined Edge Analytics in March 2020 as a Project Analyst, having previously worked as a Research Executive at Marketwise Strategies, and in Office Administration at Clark Legal. 

Following completion of her undergraduate degree in Law (Honours) at Leeds Beckett University, Emily undertook a Masters in Sociology and Social Research at Newcastle University, during which time she worked as Research Assistant at the Centre for Learning and Teaching.

At Edge Analytics, Emily applies her expertise in research and data management to Consilium, Edge Analytics’ Local Plan housing database. Emily works closely with team members and local authorities across the UK to collate, categorise and analyse Local Plan housing data, providing an invaluable data source for our demographic and forecasting products and services. Emily has delivered Consilium data products to a range of UK water companies, to inform the development of regional water resource management plans.


Emily Radcliffe

Emily joined Edge Analytics in 2019 as a Research Analyst, whilst pursuing her degree in Psychology at the University of Leeds. At Edge Analytics, Emily is an integral part of the team working on the continual updating of the Consilium database, collecting and processing housing site location data, a vital component of our VICUS forecasting system. Currently in her final year, Emily aspires to work in educational psychology following completion of her degree.

Fin Taylor

Fin joined Edge Analytics in 2020 and is currently in his final year studying BA Geography at the University of Leeds. Previously, Fin has worked at Sky Finance and hopes to pursue a career in data analytics following completion of his degree. At Edge Analytics, Fin applies his geographical skillset to Consilium, processing housing site location data for use within our VICUS forecasting framework.

Freya McCauley

Freya joined Edge Analytics in October 2020 as a Research Analyst, whilst undertaking the final year of her Mathematics degree at the University of Leeds. At Edge Analytics, Freya works as part of the Consilium team and is responsible for collating and processing macro- and micro-level Local Planning Authority housing plan evidence. Following completion of her degree, Freya hopes to work in the data science industry.

Sam Laycock

Sam joined Edge Analytics as a Research Analyst in June 2020, having graduated from Loughborough University in 2019 with a BSc (Hons) in Geography. During his degree, Sam specialised in GIS, Global Migration and Conservation. At Edge Analytics, Sam applies his geographical skillset to the Consilium database, working closely with the team to maintain and update the housing plan evidence from local authorities. Sam is keen to pursue a career in law, specifically in the energy/renewables sector.

Naomi Berry

Naomi is a Research Analyst at Edge Analytics, joining in 2019 during the second year of her degree in Psychology at the University of Leeds. At Edge Analytics, Naomi applies her analytical skillset to the Consilium database, and is responsible for collating and processing macro- and micro-level Local Planning Authority housing plan evidence. Now in her final year, Naomi is keen to apply her psychological knowledge to the fashion industry on completion of her degree, combining technology and data with the creative arts.

Hannah Barlow

Hannah completed her MSc in Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy at the University of Leeds, having previously studied for a BA (Joint Honours) in Economics and Geography. Hannah joined Edge Analytics in October 2019 as Research Analyst, applying her analytical expertise to the collation and processing of Consilium housing plan evidence. Hannah is keen to pursue a career in commercial data analytics and insight.