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At Edge Analytics, our mission is to provide expert Data Science through a combination of data, technology and analytical models, to generate insight that better informs business planning and decision-making.

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Edge Analytics provides a unique blend of expertise in demographic analytics and forecasting to support your organisation. These are applicable to all industries including school forecasting.

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POPGROUP is a suite of demographic models for generating population and household forecasts for geographical areas.

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About Edge Analytics

As geographers, we are committed to the research, development and application of quantative methods to real-world issues. As a business, we seek to deliver these methods in the most effective and accessible manner, whilst demonstrating our genuine enthusiasm for our chosen field of expertise.

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Demographic Analytics

The first two decades of the new millenium have seen the UK's population grow at its fastest rate for 100 years. That is why demographic analytics is of huge importance when trying to draw up a business forecast.

The UK's population has grown by 25% since 1961, 12% of this growth has occurred since 2001

66.5 million
in 2018
Successive national projections have indicated that the UK's population could reach 72.5-74.5 million within 25 years, an additional 7 million people
73.5 million
by 2040
As the large birth cohorts of the 1950's and 1960's experience longer life expectancies, by 2040 the population aged 75+ will be almost 10 million
10 million
14% of the total.

Demographic Analytics

The UK’s population is ageing, with wide-ranging implications for health care, wealth distribution, pension provision, housing, transport and employment policies. However, the UK’s population growth curve and particularly its labour-force profile, will be determined by its immigration policies and the extent to which economic development is to be supported through international migration.

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